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UP Designs LA
1007 S Catalina Ave
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Health & Wellness Nutrition Website Design & IT/Internet Services Women
Your work transforms peoples’ lives. Your Website, Branding and Content Should Reflect that.

Working with the right health professionals changed my life. Now, I use my website strategy, design & visual marketing expertise to help growing health & wellness businesses increase their impact.

My goal:

To make your online presence reflect your tremendous value, so that you can help people live happier, healthier and longer lives.

About me:

Hi! I'm Kate. I'm the Founder and CEO of UP Designs LA, a branding, website design and social media company based in Redondo Beach, CA. I just love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space like you! 

My roster of clients have included the National Medical Association (NMA), health coaches, biotech companies, consultancies and much more. 

Before starting UP Designs, I had an 18-year career creating over 10,000 marketing, presentations and websites for Fortune 500 companies and startups - resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

I climbed the ladder at People, TIME, Aol, Spinmedia, Disney and more, and worked with clients like Microsoft, Intel, Sony Pictures, Gap, Best Buy, Unilever, VISA, Warner Bros, and J&J.

It was fun for a long time, but eventually... I burned out. Just before I called it quits on the corporate world, I experienced a debilitating 2-time ER visit reaction to a a vaccine, a leave from work and unbearable discomfort.

Western medicine failed me. And, they couldn't heal me. 3 doctors just shrugged and said "there's nothing else we can do."

Pivot, I turned to holistic practitioners. 

Boom, healed in 14 hours. No joke. It was that fast!

Why HCC and Holistic Practitioners:

I'm here at HCC to give back to communities like this, so that you can help more people feel better, be happier and live longer.

Kate Newnham
Kate Newnham