Kristen Bomas
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Kristen Bomas PA
398 Camino Gardens Blvd
Suite 104
Boca Raton, FL 33432
United States of America
Authors & Speakers Licensed Professionals Personal Development Spiritual Wisdom & Enlightenment
I am a trained psychologist who has a local Life-Mastery practice. I am a speaker. I have 2 books published and 2 more underway. I have created several courses for mastery both online and live. I have a few series of workshops for online and live groups. And finally, I have designed retreats. I enjoy working with diverse groups of people. My teachings are based on The Sage’s Template which I created to teach life mastery. I practice what I preach. My teachings are unique and yet anchored in a universal knowingness.
Kristen Bomas
Kristen Bomas