Danielle Perrodin
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Danielle Perrodin, LLC
118 St Ignatius Circle
Cankton, LA 70584
United States of America
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anielle Perrodin, Personal Style & Identity Coach. My mission is to help women create happier, healthier more beautiful lives. Through integrating the mind, body and spirit, my clients expedite the time it takes to close the gap between their highest authentic self (who they truly are) and how they appear to the world. I combine my love for fashion and understanding on how the brain works to give my clients unique tools to style their mind and body in order to learn how to Be Her(£) Now! At an early age, I learned that life is too short. I lost my step daughter and husband to two separate car accidents by the time I was 21. After becoming a pharmacist, remarrying and having 3 beautiful children, I found myself in a state of depression. Having fallen into the achievement trap of delaying happiness and gratification led me to quickly search out who I really was and reconnecting to my love and passion for the beauty industry. I pushed through fears and broke through my comfort zone,
Danielle Perrodin
Danielle Perrodin