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Amber Shannon, Intuitive GuideIntuitive Guide: Align with Amber

Hello there, beautiful soul.

My name is Amber Shannon. I provide one-on-one Intuitive Readings / Divine Message Sessions where I tune in to be a clear channel of divine communication for you. These sessions generally last one hour and are full of personalized, divine healing messages as well as transmissions of high-vibrational energy that are focused on your highest good.

The information that comes through in each session varies per person and per session, yet is always relevant to where you are in your soul’s journey and what would be most helpful for you to know right now.

The sessions help you to clear any debris on your divine path, and will lovingly guide your attention to any areas of your life that are ready to be healed so that you can raise your vibration and expand to your next level of consciousness. My clients have described them as soul-nourishing, bringing tremendous peace, insight, clarity, and understanding, and have helped provide them with the confirmation and confidence they had been seeking.

Here is how a typical session flows . . .

Before we start, I perform a prayer, blessing and divine invocation. I call upon your angels and guides to be with us and guide the session.

I then consciously open myself up to be a clear channel for divine communication and I ask that whatever messages that are for your highest good that are ready to come through, come through me clearly and easily.

We will go back and forth, flowing between information that's coming through for you, and addressing any questions you have. Your angels and guides will also provide divine guidance in the form of practical action steps that you can take after the session in order to assist you with your vibrational alignment and expansion.

All sessions are held online via Zoom and the audio is recorded. You will receive an mp3 file following the session and are encouraged to listen to it as many times as you feel called. Re-listening will help you to fully vibrationally align to the information and energy contained it contains.

I look forward to helping you consciously reconnect with the true essence of who you are and relaying the healing messages the divine realm has in store for you.

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Big Love,

Amber 💓

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