Greg Friedman
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Inner Journey Radio with Greg Friedman
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Dana Point, California 92629
United States of America
Counseling / Life Coach Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work Intuitive & Metaphysical Counseling Spiritual Wisdom & Enlightenment
Greg Friedman is a modern version of that which has existed in every culture, a spiritual guide and mentor. He builds bridges and clears paths, in part, by taking the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and making it applicable to our everyday lives.
As the Host of Inner Journey Radio, he exposes more people to the benefits of the inner journey. Greg works with clients one on one, in workshops, as a couples’ referee and translator, as well as taking small groups of people all over the world to work with indigenous elders with shamanic traditions in remote destinations.
As a Guide, Greg helps you build the life of your choosing by uncovering the foundation that is already in you.
Greg Friedman
Greg Friedman