Jan 03, 2019
6:00 to 7:30 pm (networking half hour before and after)
Steele Lane Park and Rec Community Center
415 Steele Lane Room 6 Santa Rosa CA
United States of America
Chapter Information
Cherri Pedrioli
Chapter President Bio

Cherri was born and raised in Sonoma County. She has two children, three step-children and five grandchildren. Since 2004, she and her husband have owned a successful plumbing business in Santa Rosa, CA. At an early age her passion for assisting people and animals was evident. She even entered a nursing program when she was 16 years old but due to certain circumstances, she lost her faith in Western Medicine and stopped the program.

For several years, she struggled with her own health issues, which Western Medicine was not able to resolve. She began searching holistic alternatives and in 2010 had her first energy healing session with a Reconnective Healing practitioner. After a few more sessions, she attended the next Reconnective Healing training program and has been a Reconnective Healing practitioner since 2012. She feels fortunate to have assisted in many wonderful healings, such as broken bones healed, a black eye gone the following day and stage 4 cancer going into full remission.

Her passion now is also directed at making the Santa Rosa Holistic Chamber of Commerce a thriving and compassionate chapter. She is driven to integrate holistic alternatives with Western Medicine for the greater good of all individuals. She welcomes you to become a member of the Santa Rosa chapter and their growing holistic community.

Cherri is the owner of Reconnect Mind Body Soul in Santa Rosa, CA. and the President of the Santa Rosa Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Upcoming Meeting
Out With The Old, In With The New: Break Through to Super Focus, Self Care & Success! Do you have Creative Idea Syndrome? Many of us have many great ideas and really intend to act on them, only to find ourselves stuck in the rut of procrastination and overwhelm. Confusion, frustration and judgment, from our own inner critic and others, sets in and freezes the good intentions so that goals are unrealized, and negative thinking is reinforced. We feel that we’ll never do it perfectly enough anyway, so we often fail before we’ve even begun. Or we wait until we are forced into action by a deadline, which is effective at jump-starting action, though we pay the price of being unbalanced and stressing our adrenals. This is a HUGE roadblock for many! But there is hope, tools and techniques to get you UNSTUCK.
Jan 03, 2019 | 6:00 to 7:30 pm (networking half hour before and after)

Presenter: Marjorie Favuzzi Member Speaker



Location: Steele Lane Park and Rec Community Center
415 Steele Lane Room 6
Santa Rosa CA
United States of America
The Santa Rosa Holistic Chamber of Commerce (SRHCC) meets once a month to build business relationships and alliances; network for support, resources and referrals; and assist in developing community awareness of holistic services and products.
During the meeting, you will be given 30 seconds to introduce your practice/business. There will be a half hour before and after the meeting for open networking so bring your business cards to share. Any SRHCC members who want their events mentioned during the meeting, please provide us with the information. We look forward to getting to know our holistic community and are excited to bring our passion for health and education to Sonoma County.

For more information about the Holistic Chamber of Commerce or to obtain an application, go to HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com. The link to our chapter's website is HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/SantaRosa.

Save The Date: Feb 7, 2019 Member Presentation with Dr. Mel. Topic TBD and new location to be announced for Feb.