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Deonna Gilio
Group Leader Bio
Holistic minded wife and mom of 2 and a Boca resident for 20 years. Deonna Gilio has been making strides to do better and live greener for over 8 years and has her own business of USA products that align with her family friendly approach. Since joining the Boca HCC as a member she quickly knew she wanted to be part of this community and stepped into VP role to help the mission. Now the opportunity to lead and see new growth has brought us here. AloeDee Healthful Beauty and Denna Gilio want the best for this chapter and to continue to grow green with HCC.
Upcoming Meeting
New Leader in Boca Raton!

Deonna Gilio is our new Boca Raton group leader! Check back soon for info on the next Boca Raton meeting

Save The Date: TBD