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Energy Medicine Professional Insurance (EMPI)
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Professional Liability Insurance is one of the best protections you can put in place right now to help protect your finances and keep your career on track. Professional Liability insurance makes sure that you have a company with a strong team of experts, standing behind you, ready to protect your interests if a claim is ever made.
Smart professionals know that peace of mind is invaluable and that clients and patients appreciate a high level of professionalism. It is also a strong credibility booster!
Protect your practice and livelihood from the dangers that are simply part of today's business environment. A single allegation against your services can have a devastating effect on your practice, career, and finances.
Legal claims, even unfounded claims, can cost thousands to defend, potentially draining your resources and possibly even ruining your business.
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Mary Anne Mace
Mary Anne Mace
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(210) 960-8807