Lynn Cain
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Cain & Osborne Associates
2635 Watermusic Bay Cres.
Half Moon Bay
Ottawa, ON K2J 0T4
Financial Professional Development
I am a certified financial planner through the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners. With an EPC designation, I am an elder planning counselor, qualified to help with the special needs of an aging population. I also have my designation as a certified health insurance specialist (CHS), the only designation in Canada that’s focused on health insurance. With a CHS certification, I can give you the best advice on health insurance and other living benefits. Since 1995, I have been helping families, individuals, and small business owners reach their full financial potential.We are proud to offer you the following specialties: - Group Insurance - Individual Life Insurance - Individual Disability Insurance - Individual Critical Illness Insurance - Individual Health & Dental Insurance - RESP - RRSP - Non Registered Funds - TFSA - RRIF - Financial Coaching - Debt Consolidation Solutions - Risk Management - Tax Planning - Funeral Planning - Pet Insurance, Pet Fune
Lynn Cain
Lynn Cain
Holistic Certified Financial Planner
(613) 240-9023