Heather Gream
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Balance by Heather
Burbank, CA 91505
United States of America
Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work Health & Wellness Licensed Professionals Relaxation & Stress Relief
Balance by Heather provides Movement Coaching with Physical Therapy and Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Services.  
’m Dr Heather Gream, DPT, PT, Reiki Master Teacher.  I am the integration of eastern and western healing modalities. 

As a Doctor of physical therapy, Reiki Master Teacher, and Movement Coach, I borrow from all three to create, 
Balance by Heather.

In my experience balance is the alignment of muscle energy, reiki energy, and biomechanics.

My clients who practice all three, experience freedom of movement, increased energy in daily life and the joy of participating in their chosen activities free of pain.

The goal of our work together is to create a foundation of trust in your body to self heal and flourish.
Heather Gream
Heather Gream