Emily Underwood
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Alkaline Mind Inc
Baltimore, MD 21224
United States of America
Green & Eco-Resources Health & Wellness Nutrition Retreats & Travel
Water filtration and ionization. I help people gain access to what I call the Swiss army knife of water and what other's call the modern day fountain of youth. Focusing on ionization - it is one machine that lasts a lifetime that replaces all drinking water with highly antioxidant, hydrogen rich water, all cleaning and sanitizing supplies (that clean better than bleach!), and a lot of the first aid cabinet, and more. I help families and businesses go green, non-toxic, live healthier, and save money by changing their water! It is a direct sales company called Enagic so I do mentor people as well and help them create a purposeful, profitable, global business. I also host a retreat business curating spaces for millennial entrepreneurs and creatives internationally to make the connections and have the experiences to bring their biggest dreams to fruition. (my website is being revamped but my socials are @emkunderwood)
Emily Underwood
Emily Underwood