Alexander Kriech
401 E. 8th St Suite #213B
Sioux Falls SD 57103
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Alexander Kriech Intuitive
401 E. 8th St
Suite #213B
Sioux Falls , SD 57103
United States of America
Alexander Kriech
Alexander Kriech is an intuitive, channel, and energy healer who helps you get clarity and healing on your life’s path. Alexander employs a variety of skills in his healing practice, and is a formally trained psychic/medium, Numerologist, and Reiki healer. He works with clients individually and in groups, and also teaches a variety of workshops and classes, both of which are done in-person and online. Alexander is currently located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and works with clients and students all around the world.
Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work Intuitive & Metaphysical Counseling Relaxation & Stress Relief Spiritual Wisdom & Enlightenment