Ellen Lorraine Niemeier
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Soul-Level Healing LLC
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St Louis, MO
United States of America
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100% remote via zoom.  Akashic Records.   
What if you could receive detailed insight about where your actions and thoughts are aligned or mis-aligned to who you are at soul-level?  What would your life be like if you were consistently making choices that align with who you really are? 
Ellen is an advanced practitioner of Soul Realignment®.  She offers detailed Akashic Records readings for adults and children.  You can discover your divine gifts and energies that are your soul.  Uncover blocks that may be affecting your current life and circumstances.  Energetic clearing to create a new opportunity.
In ongoing work, you will receive channeled messages from your team, gain deeper insight on relationships in your life, and get laser focused details on where your thoughts and actions are most aligned (or not!) with your true Soul-self. 

Get to know yourself at Soul-Level.
Become aware of energetic blocks and take action to shift past them.
Gain deeper insight into who your child is at soul-level.
Clear your space with energetic property readings and clearings. 
More about Ellen:
Certified Advanced SOUL REALIGNMENT® Akashic Records Practitioner
World Metaphysical Association Academy 
Certified Akashic Records Master Reader
Certified Angel Card Reader
Healing Arts Center 
Certified Singing Bowl Sound Therapist
Previous Board-Certified Music Therapist (2003-2008)
Contributing author to compilation book “More than a Mum”.  White Light Universal Publishing, February 2018
Professional freelance violinist
Single mom to an awesome little man
Owner of Soul-Level Healing LLC
Ellen Niemeier
Ellen Niemeier