Nancy Rizzo
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Nancy Rizzo, Life & Mindset Navigation™ Coach
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Buffalo, NY 14223
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Nancy Rizzo

Nancy Rizzo
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Nancy Rizzo is a CTA Certified Life Coach as well as a Certified New Life Story Wellness Coach™.
She is living her passion as a Mindset Wellness Coach making a difference in the lives of others. And they in turn make a difference in hers. She works with her clients as a ''light bearer'' - carrying the torch, tools, new perspectives, motivation, guidance and inspiration to assist you in Creating Wellness. ''My belief, with deep conviction, is that you are here for a purpose, and you are meant to be happy.''
Nancy also works with those temporarily sidelined by health & dis-ease challenges. She is an advocate of whole healing - mind, spirit and body, the practice of positivity techniques, and changing your life by rewiring your brain - the Art & Science of Mindset Change.