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Muscle Tuners International Inc
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Kitchener, ON N2E 2B2
Fitness Professional Development
We are pain relief and energy boost specialists. We train and develop professionals to add home-run processes to their existing client-based businesses. We also train Specialists & Facilitators to work one-to-many. They learn to switch on the body-brain connection so they can reduce pain, injury and increase performance results.  
We teach the art and science of muscle testing and muscle tuning™ in our signature program called the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program.

Heather Phillips, HBPE 
Founder, Vice President, Lead Trainer 
Muscle Tuners International Inc.
The Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program is ONLINE 24/7
Heather Phillips, HBPE
Founder / V.P. / Lead Facilitator
(519) 577-9209