These articles are about the elements of life and living that are relevant in multiple areas (both Health and Business, both Love and Money).
As I write this, Thanksgiving in the U.S. is coming up soon and the December gifting holidays are right after that.
This is such a lovely positioning of holidays as it takes us from thinking about who we are thankful for right into gifting them with something special. My only challenge is that I am thankful for far more people than I can give gifts to! So I’m always on the lookout for ways to give and gift throughout the year. Still, there are some that I cant to send gifts to in December.
What filters are you looking through? What perspectives are influencing you? Are you making decisions based on a past that no longer applies?
Whether you are looking at health- or business-related decisions, your perspective can make a world of difference.
The most common filters are those of past, present and future.
PAST: It can be easy to make default decisions based on your past. Either you keep repeating yourself or you take the opposite approach, always changing strategies because it didn’t work before and you don’t want a repeat. In general, if you want new results, it is best to do something new. Still, there are times when you are in such a different position now that it is worth trying again. The previous time you may have been ahead of schedule. This time you are really ready.
It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays ~ Jack Frost is nipping at my toes!
Let’s face it… Holidays can be stressful. Fun, for sure, and stressful, too.
  1. Time gets crunched.
  2. Money gets tight.
  3. Emotional baggage often arrives along with your relatives coming to visit. Or they’re not coming and the angst associated with that is barely better than the alternative.
Advance planning helps!
As is often the case, these healers-to-be experienced illnesses for which western medical care had few solutions, and so their healing journeys began in earnest.
They soon found an abundance of ancient remedies, both in nature and in cutting-edge technology using the eternal quantum laws of physics that went deep into the emotional heart of the dis-ease, rooting it out completely over time.
Because of that whole mind|body|spirit approach, they were cured, one might say, across many levels and dimensions. They then felt empowered to bring this work to others to fulfill their purpose. 
But one of these souls chose to hold the energy of anger against the “establishment,” railing against power and profit-driven protocols. This practitioner was clever and well-versed in all the ways the matrix holds onto its power. This warrior, of sorts, resisted these forces, which only served to prop up that which they railed against, actually giving it more life – “what you resist, persists.”
You have probably heard that selfcare is important. You may even tell your family and friends or clients/customers/patients how important it is. The question is, how often do you choose to take care of yourself?
Why is selfcare such a big deal? First and foremost, because it provides the energy to do what you do! Whether it is caring for family or clients, you are at the core of your relationships and taking care of yourself allows you to help those that you care about. When you are sick or “less than,” how can you help others? 
In addition, stress is widely documented as a major contributor to chronic pain and diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Likewise, selfcare techniques have been shown to reduce stress and protect you for a long and healthy life.