Written to inspire, motivate, and share ideas for building your business, these are Camille’s “lessons learned.”
When connecting with others, it’s tempting to show up with what we have to say about out purpose and passion, our products and services… And the most successful people know that asking questions and listening to answers creates long-term connections for more win-win relationships.
Some good questions to use, that work with people you’ve known for years as well as those you are just meeting:
  1. What are your goals?
  2. What keeps you up at night?
  3. What are your priorities now?
  4. What would help you most right now?
  5. Do you have any new projects in the works?

How do you deliver your message? 
What words and attitude do you use to tell people about your products and/or services?
There are so many ways to go! Consider Oprah, Chopra, Gary Vee, Alicia Keys and all of the other voices in the world. Every one of them as a different approach to talking about their mission, vision and whatever else is going on.
Here are some questions that can help you choose the best style and strategy for you:
On the surface, this question seems quite specific… At the same time, it can be applied to any business, of any size. How do you help more people to know about, and understand the value of, your product/service?
The answer is all about awareness and education. In business terms, marketing. Remember that people who have never tried your product/service may take longer to make a decision. They may want to get a stronger sense of how it works while they are deciding. Marketing tools can help them along the way.
Marketing is a HUGE topic so we will focus here on a few ideas that can help you reach more people with your products and/or services. We use two primary approaches for increasing awareness, education and access for the general public to holistic approaches:
Today, especially now that virtual speaking has taken on such a critical role in a leader’s ability to connect with new clients, getting access to speaking opportunities is job 1 for many of us—whether that may be on meetings, conferences, podcasts, radio shows or virtual summits.   
With in-room networking on the back burner in most places or full in-person stage appearances still limited, you really must take advantage of “borderless speaking.’
But you can’t simply just tell someone to give you their stage or on-air time. It takes a little “romance,” to make them WANT you! 
I’m not suggesting that you send expensive gifts, candies or flowers; you just need to know how to speak to them, what to say and when to say it.
The Power of Partnership
How do you leverage the power of connections and collaborations to expand your reach as a holistic professional or business owner?
Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, partnerships are a powerful way to expand your reach to new customers, clients or patients AND power up your presence in the marketplace.
What would the world, and our businesses, be like if we viewed everyone as a partner? When we view everyone as a partner, we are more likely to treat people with respect and consideration. From there, we are well-positioned to create partnerships that go beyond the status quo.
It’s great when you get booked on a podcast or radio show, but it’s even better if you can convert from the virtual stage. Getting people to either opt in to your free offer or accept your paid offer from a podcast is the golden ticket.  
Once you’ve established your credibility; related a story that begins the process of getting people to know, like and trust you; offered great value; and given people action steps they can take, now is the time to provide them a chance to get even more from you.
The following are the key elements you must have in place to ensure that your appearance achieves the maximum client attraction!
A Speaker One-Sheet is the single most important showcase you as a speaker can have when trying to get booked for speaking engagements so you attract your client prospects. 
This is a two-page flyer that capsulizes why you are the right speaker for a booker’s audience. When you create the email proposal letter, there is not enough space (nor attention-span) to give the booker all of your credentials and a complete description of the subjects you intend to present. Attaching a Speaker One-Sheet will accomplish that.
It also uplevels your desirability, perceived credibility and professionalism, while summarizing your history of credentials, your authority and your expertise.
So let me reveal to you the 8 ways you can sabotage your Speaker One-Sheet, so you can avoid these mistakes, and succeed at filling your calendar full of gigs!
What is a sneak preview? In simple terms, it is when you are given advanced notice about an upcoming product, service, solution, event, trend, industry, etc. before it goes viral or gets released to the public.
Sometimes it is just someone’s thought or idea. Have you ever heard someone mention something intriguing to you in a casual conversation? It usually starts with: Can you imagine if... Or, Why do we do it like this when we could...Or, Why include this in your...What if we could…
Camille Leon, Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, suggests that “this is one of the most powerful benefits of networking with like-minded professionals, practitioners and business owners. Insights and ideas often come up that can expand your current results into something bigger and brighter.”
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Are you tired of seeing everyone else you know get showcased on virtual summits that are driving their client surge? And you keep wondering why you’re not getting those same lucrative opportunities.
It’s because you haven’t learned the tricks of getting hosts to seek you out because you’re such a hot ticket, they have to have you on their lineup! 
Summits are a great way to build your email list, introduce people to you and your body of knowledge, launch a book and engage new potential affiliate partners. Virtual summits are a critical part of a leader’s marketing today, especially since so much is now online! But to get invited consistently you need to prove your credentials as a great virtual summit guest presenter.
Once called telesummits before migrating to the web video, these cooperative online events are a hugely successful way to attract new prospects to your opt-in list, clients and book buyers. And one of best things about them is if you prove to be a good guest, then you get HOT on the summit circuit…you’ll get tons of invitations!
What if you could determine what was most important to the person you just met or how your new client makes decisions, just by looking at their face?  Cool, huh?  Chinese Face Reading has been used for centuries in China and worldwide to help everyone from the Emperor to government officials, from military generals to matchmakers, to understand and communicate more effectively with others.
It is an ancient art and science that some Chinese scholars say dates back 3,000 to 5,000 years.  According to Henning Hai Lee Yang, a Mian Xiang (Face Reading) expert, the first Face Reading school is said to have been established around 481 B.C.E.  There are many accountings of how Face Reading originated, the most popular version was that the Emperor wanted to know which general to send into battle to ensure that he retained power.   The ancient monks and scholars started making observations and inventories of faces, documenting that similarity in facial features correlated with similarity in personality traits and character.  I venture to guess that you’ve noticed that people who look alike often act alike. 
There are many elements and aspects in life ~ Let's build balance in all of them!
I see the HCC as reflection of the ONENESS we want to see in the world. Coming together for the purpose of stewarding Humanity forward in a positive way as a collaborative collective of wellness and positive energy thinkers that work in unison without competition or fear. That is the embodiment of purpose here on Earth. HCC is poised to be a true Leader of wayshowers who intend for Mind, Body, Spirit, Business, Budget Planet in all our corners. Let it be so! Aho.
Lainie Sevante Wulkan, HCC Global Online Sales Director
For me, it represents the unity of all these ingredients to achieve success. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce encompasses all these aspects for our members, one does not work without the other. We have so many opportunities to thrive if we work collaboratively as a community. Proud to a member of the HCC.
Charn Pennewaert, Media Stream Marketing
When you think of a successful business leader, some attributes that usually come to mind are resilient, collaborative, resourceful, patient, controlled, innovative and a host of other positive characteristics. However, most people would not associate Aikido as having anything to do with these leadership qualities. That’s where they are wrong.
Aikido, the art of the Samurai, is a Japanese martial art and has been recognized by top educators, business leadership groups and was even featured on Forbes, “Study Aikido to Become a Better Business Leader.” A  Samurai spends a lifetime devoted to his cause and is always practicing to improve his skill.
As an Aikidoka (one who practices Aikido) in life and in business. I have been fortunate enough to have studied under a great Aikido master, Gentil Pennewaert Shihan for the past twenty years at Newport Beach Aikido. Through the years, I have found myself applying the principles of Aikido as a business leader. I often tell my clients that I have graduated from the University of Aikido.
If you want to sign up more customers, clients and/or patients, this is the one for you! Do you feel like you are putting yourself out there but can't figure out why people haven't signed up yet?
There are two critical keys to make sure your marketing works well!
1. When people are looking for the product/service/event that you offer, will they find you?
2. When they find you, will they know how to sign up?
Sure, your website offers a free gift in exchange for their email address... But what if someone is ready to buy now? What if they don't want to get on another email list? And do you even send emails to those who do sign up for your free gift?
The Mindful Marketer knows that, to help people, you have to make it easy for them to buy. Sometimes, you first have to help people know why they want to buy. Sometimes, they are ready and they just need your number (or email) or an easy-to-see "click here" "sign up now" button, and make sure that your links work).
No doubt about it, we’re living in a new world… especially when it comes to networking.
We used to be able to just go to a once monthly meeting of our local chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (or any other of a handful of networking groups) to connect with people.
Now, we are using social media and Zoom for the majority of our networking opportunities. Ironically, while we are connected to more people all over, some of us feel less connected overall.
What works for networking today? While most of your networking may be online these days, the keys are the same for BOTH online AND in-person networking.
Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are some core elements to keep in mind.
When you are selling something, be it a product or service, there are a few hallmarks of trustworthiness (i.e. credibility) that make it easier for consumers to choose you and your product/service over others. In this era where people are often going online first, what are the credibility boosters that can help them choose you over the other providers offering the same thing?
Keep in mind that even if one customer chooses another “store,” there is plenty of business for everyone! It’s not just that the “Law of Abundance” says so… Just look at Target and Tiffany. Both sell jewelry and both are successful. They are trusted to deliver on what they sell at the price for which they sell it. Likewise, there are plenty of customers for Whole Foods AND Sprouts AND Trader Joe’s. All three grocery chains are considered reputable in the healthy grocery industry.
Now, if you are in a different type of industry, establishing and enhancing your credibility in order to attract more customers, clients and patients is a matter of a few factors. Consider these:
Given world events in early 2020, it’s clear that it’s important to be visible online. Many people have shifted to home offices while being “out and about” is discouraged. In some cases, temporarily illegal. People are going online – to social media and search engines – to find the products and services they are looking for. Will they find you?
While we can’t control world events, we can control what we do in response to them. Especially for solo-preneurs and small business owners, it can be easy to pivot and move in the direction of current circumstances.
More people are paying attention to overall health and wellness than ever before and looking for products and services to support that!
They are going online to search. Where will you be found? Being found online is a function of having a website and how often it comes up in relevant searches: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your SEO can get an easy boost from social media profiles AND other hyperlinks.
In this interview with Charn Pennewaert, CEO and Founder of Media Stream, you’ll learn useful tips and tools for shifting your gears quickly, easily and affordably. Charn has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, SEO organic growth and web design. She also currently owns and manages Wellnys.com which features top trending articles for the health and wellness industry. 
Keep reading for some easy ways you can pivot and POWER UP YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – Yeah
The Power of Partnership
How do you leverage the power of connections and collaborations to expand your reach as a holistic professional or business owner?
Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, partnerships are a powerful way to expand your reach to new customers, clients or patients AND power up your presence in the marketplace.
What would the world, and our businesses, be like if we viewed everyone as a partner? When we view everyone as a partner, we are more likely to treat people with respect and consideration. From there, we are well-positioned to create partnerships that go beyond the status quo.
For years, I rolled my eyes when people said, "Just be thankful and you will start receiving what you seek." Really? As if!
Of course, once I learned to be grateful for the richness of my life and the rewards of having a business that allows me to do what I love (talk about holistic approaches to health, lifestyle and business), it was clear that they are right.
PASADENA, CA (November 21, 2019) – With a vision of healthy people on a healthy planet, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is weaving together an international movement promoting holistic, natural and sustainable products, services and solutions.
With that focus, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Department.
Do you have a project in mind? How about one that is still on your to-do list or has been sitting in the back of your mind for a while?
Today is the day! Start it your way!
Starting new (or old) projects is much like planting a seed for a tree. You may wish you had done it years ago so it would already be fully grown and flourishing.
If you didn't, for whatever reason, plant your seed and start your project today.

Have you considered your mission? Whether you call it your mission, vision or your purpose, it can help you in several ways. When I saw the mission for SendOutCards (SOC) at their Relationship Marketing Grand Summit, it brought me back to the mission of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (which is longer than this one) and helped me see why our alignment with SOC makes so much sense.

Many successful entrepreneurs are very clear about why they do what they do. This is the point of having a strong vision and a written vision or purpose statement. Of course, there are other reasons as well....

Are you called to a higher purpose? What vision are you bringing to life?

People are all around us and we interact with others every day. Whether you are online, on the phone or in person, our intersections with each other create ripple effects with unknown (and sometimes unexpected) consequences.

Many success specialists from Dale Carnegie to Jack Canfield remind us that, to become successful in bringing our vision to life, it is key to surround yourself with successful and positive people.

Are you called to a higher purpose? What vision are you bringing to life?

When talking with Coach Quornesha S. Lemon on how this applies for her and her clients, she points out that it helps to have a strong sense of perception. By being alert to the emotional tone of others, it is easier to communicate and navigate negotiations and relationships to create better results for yourself and others.

Likewise, choosing colleagues and co-workers who resonate with you, whether you are having a phone call or hanging out, can help create an atmosphere of positive energy that extends into all areas of your work and life.

Lemon recommends that being busy, even when you are not busy, is useful for handling negative people. No matter what it is, if you are occupied when a negative person calls, you will have an option to keep your conversation short, minimizing negativity and allowing you to stay focused on higher priorities.

Special thanks to Christie Batt, M.A., for sharing her experience and insights on this core concern for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Read on for a powerful perspective!

Recently, I was in my office and found myself struggling with a business decision. I had come across a series of treatment centers listed in a periodical and wanted to reach out to them as a resource for post-treatment referrals. There were hundreds of centers, with various approaches and specialties. All of the sudden I was frozen, paralyzed, couldn’t decide what to do (who to call, what to say, which ones to approach). Finally, I hit the pause button on my mental spin cycle, pulled out my meditation cushion, and sat down - right in the middle of my office. I proceeded to center myself. Pray. Breathe. Calm my mind. In a surprisingly short amount of time, through the calm and silence came guidance. I went back to my desk, and in a completely altered state of mind from a few minutes prior, knew exactly what to do.

We may have the practice to turn to a higher source for support and guidance when things are big: life-altering decisions, deep problems, relationship issues - or even the daily meditation, prayer, chanting, silence, yoga, etc. But how often do we consult on the smaller things? Most of our lives today are a struggle to navigate a long list of tasks, assignments, issues, relationships, problems and worries. How badly we need a set of broader shoulders to ease the intensity, find solutions, and provide moment-to-moment peace and serenity!

I used to work out of a home office... There were too many days when I felt isolated and overwhelmed, as if I had do to it all on my own.

Recently talking with some of our Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapter Presidents, the benefits of networking in a community of like-minded professionals - both online and at local meetings - came up. Meeting visitors often have questions about how it works.

After asking around, I found that Judy Santos, owner of OfficeSlice CoWorking, has a helpful definition to start with: "Community has a variety of meanings.  Families buy into a neighborhood because of the "community" and entrepreneurs can join a coworking space to gain community, or your hobby can place you automatically into a community.  But what does community really mean?  I believe it to be a collection of people, from various industries, locales and backgrounds, brought together for a common purpose.  We all belong to a number of communities, and participation in the community is the key to its success."

However you personally define community, most people seem to agree it can be very helpful in providing support for personal and/or professional success. Here are ideas to help you make the most of a business-oriented community:

As we heal, we get to reveal new layers of ourselves, to learn to love more deeply and openly and to express ourselves in creating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What are you creating? What will bring more "heaven on earth" for you?

Whether you are solving math problems or helping to heal others, to keep it up as a long-term project or venture, it's important to support yourself, be supported by others and also share your expertise in supporting others.

That's how we create the flow of energy and also cashflow!

With all of the social media options available today, I could also have titled this "Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, oh my!" Don’t you agree?

If people don’t know about you or how amazing your “widget” is, then you won’t be able to help anyone because they just won’t know. In sharing your message (or product or service) with the world at large, it’s important to actually reach out to people where they are. If they are on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, then choose one or two or more and be there with them.

These days, social media is one of the best ways to meet and reach new people, and stay connected with those who are already part of your tribe! Of course, if you want to connect with your tribe in person, come to our conference in LA on November 4th and 5th 2017 ~

But even when it’s free, social media takes time and your time is valuable. With so many options, how do you choose?

Isn’t that what most of us want?

To find enough time to do it all – enjoy family and friends, make money (i.e. pay bills) and relax? People like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz seem to get extra hours in a day and still have time to play, vacation, whatever. How do they do it?

One thing is for sure, there is a balance between health, time and money, the juggling act (so to speak). This is partially a function of three things

There is a step between “playing it safe” and playing it smart. In baseball, it’s the question of when to leave first base to get home. In the terminology of one of my favorite authors, Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht., it’s when to take your “leap of faith.”

Are you at that step? Are you considering how to expand as effectively as possible? As a professional, practitioner and/or business owner, it’s up to you to decide which monthly time and/or financial commitments make sense because they will lead to more growth and which are just a waste of energy. Are you considering your strengths and opportunities while being aware of your weaknesses and potential challenges?