New HCC Service: Fix My Message!

What happens when someone asks you, “What do you do?”

Do you go into a long dissertation because you aren’t sure how or where to even start explaining what it is you do?
Or do you just blurt out something short and generic like “I’m a healer” or "I'm a CPA" that doesn't really entice people to ask more?

It’s quite common for many holistically-minded business owners and spiritual / energy healers to struggle with messaging. Wellness practitioners often utilize several different modalities and can work with several different life problems, and aren’t sure how to get them under a single umbrella. Some of these modalities aren't commonly known, so where do you even start?
On the flip side, many business owners despise writing copy because coming up with clear, attention-grabbing language just isn’t their gift.
If you are not attracting your ideal clients/customers (aka all the "wrong" people) or the number of clients/customers you want, then your message could very well be the culprit!

One major mistake: the fluff & jargon

One major mistake people make with messaging is being super general or using “fluff” or jargon language that people will say, “Oh, that’s nice”, but what they are really saying in their head is, “I have no idea what that even means.”
Example: "I use the Alexander Technique to help people free their body of energetic blockages so that they can connect with their divine essence and live their best life."
Um, what? Is that like electric shock therapy? Does my essence smell fruity? Oooo, my best life! Are you buying me a boat?

Another mistake: too simple

Another mistake is being overly simple and blunt in language that you just don’t stand out.

Example: "I do accounting."

I already have an accountant. Hey, I think they're giving away free smoothies over there!

When you tell someone what you do, you have about 3 seconds to grab their attention. If your language is dull, common, or full of lingo that they don’t understand, then they are moving on to the next thing.

Clear and confident language

One of the benefits of being a Holistic Chamber of Commerce member is having the opportunity to build referral relationships and promotional partnerships with other members. However, this does require you to be clear and confident with your messaging. Just because someone is holistically minded, it doesn’t guarantee that they have heard of your service, product, or modality. Or that they understand how your accounting services would be better for their business versus all the other accountants out there.

Let’s get clear, using language that feels good to you, so that you get the attention you deserve!

This special “Fix My Message” add-on service is for:

  • Those who have more spiritual/energy-based businesses that aren’t sure how to put the more ethereal/abstract language into words people understand.
  • Those who have multiple modalities and can’t figure out how to make it all “fit”.
  • Those who are spreadsheet / detail-oriented / high-achieving people who are great at running a business and doing their thing, but generating ideas and writing creative copy is NOT their jam.

You will get:

  • A 60-minute Zoom session with Lore Goldstein - our HCC Chief Idea Generator & Word Geek - specifically for you and your product/service.
  • A unique, short, clear message that attracts genuine curiosity and more potential clients! Use this message on your socials, website, and when you are stuck in an elevator with someone.
  • The Zoom recording so that you can be fully present during our time together and don’t need to worry about taking notes.
We will address the 3 key elements of coming up with a concise message: mindset, audience, and problem/solution during this session. You will be asked to fill out a short form upon booking to help us better prepare for your session. 

Let’s move you from, “Oh, that’s nice” to “Omg, tell me more!”

HCC members: $200
HCC non-members: $250