Hello and welcome to our Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) website! 

The HCC is here as a bridge to holistic health and wellness solutions for everyone who wants to explore and experience complementary, integrative, holistic, natural and eco-friendly products, services, options and solutions. We are also a resource for Holistic and Eco-friendly professionals, practitioners and business owners looking for like-minded business growth opportunities.

 If you found this page as a consumer, are you here to find healthier ways to get and stay healthy? Do you want to alleviate pain or have a chronic illness? Are you seeking therapies or remedies outside of conventional Western (allopathic) medicine? Are you stuck in negative circumstances which you would like to transform in order to live a better life? Our members are here to help you and can be found in our directory by clicking here

 If you found this page as a holistically-minded professional, practitioner or business owner, it gets easier when you come together with others who are playing the same game. The HCC is here to connect you with like-minded others so you can balance your time and money, having more of both. We have a Global Online chapter and locally-based chapters in select locations.  To join any of our chapters, click here for your options and to sign up today. If you are interested in starting a chapter near you, click here for details.

With a worldwide population of 7.6 billion, many of whom are dealing with a health or economic concern, it is clear that people need healing in every element: Mind * Body * Spirit * Business * Budget * Planet.

In many cases, this does not mean taking another pill that will lead to more side effects.

It means finding a holistic approach that can address all aspects of healing, health care, lifestyle and budget.

If we have learned anything from the recent COVID-19 conditions, it is that our health impacts our money and our money impacts our health.

I started this organization because, as a consumer, I had a hard time finding high-quality natural health care. On top of that, my co-workers were completely unaware of why I would spend my own money on health expenses not covered by insurance.

The HCC started as a directory helping consumers find high-quality holistic health care through our reference-checked members. With the brand name of "chamber of commerce," we attract attention from a variety of seekers!

Are you here to find healthier ways to get and stay healthy? Do you want to alleviate pain (physical, emotional, financial), avoid addiction and the side effects attached to prescription medications (including opioids), and reverse the damage and diagnoses of obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, inflammation, and heart disease?

Holistic approaches work with, and go beyond, conventional allopathic medicine and include personal transformation techniques that impact physical, emotional, mental, financial and environmental health.

We are:

1. A worldwide resource to health and wellness providers through our HCC online member directory.
2. A peer-to-peer networking organization for health and wellness providers and like-minded business professionals.
3. A business resource for the holistic marketplace, providing member discounts and business growth tools, ideas and insights.

Our members create connections online and through our network of community-based chapters.

As each of us becomes more successful, we all become more successful. As all of us become more successful, each of us becomes more successful. Success is a bridge that goes both ways!

If you are just getting started on your holistic journey, I invite you to explore our HCC online member directory and check out some Articles. All of our members are committed to a professional approach. Each Member is reference-checked before they are posted in our directory.  

If you approach your own work or life in a holistic manner, join us! Click here to sign up for membership now.

If you are interested in more of my personal journey, my books are available at Amazon. The newest one is Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action.

Enjoy the journey ~ May you be richly blessed with ongoing success!

Best regards,
Camille Leon

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