Thank you for taking the time to explore our Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) website. The HCC was created to be a bridge to new solutions for everyone who would like to learn more about complementary, integrative, holistic and eco-friendly options and solutions. We are also a resource for Holistic and Eco-friendly professionals and practitioners looking for business-building support.

There are 330 million people in the U.S. and 36 million in Canada. Many of these people are looking for holistic and natural approaches to healing, health care, and lifestyle; in other words, for the products and services that you offer. At the same time, as your business is attracting more customers/clients/patients, you may be looking for like-minded business support.

We are here to create a bridge as more people seek healthier ways to alleviate pain, avoid the addiction and side effects attached to prescription medications (including opioids), and reverse the damage and diagnoses of obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis/inflammation, and heart disease. Holistic health care includes personal transformation techniques that influence physical, emotional, mental, financial and environmental health.

We are here to create a bridge in both directions!

As we have grown, we have gotten bigger and better. We are now a community stretching coast-to-coast in the US and Canada.

Our members connect with each other online and through our network of community-based chapters.

We are a holistic business community sharing experience, insights, and ideas with each other. As each of us becomes more successful, we all become more successful. As all of us become more successful, each of us becomes more successful. Success is a bridge that goes both ways!

Our core cause here at The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is connecting people to holistic and eco-friendly products, services and solutions through you, as a holistic professional, practitioner, business owner or resource provider. This is the purpose of our free-to-search online directory.
Our core community is here to help holistic professionals, practitioners and business owners find the support needed to build a bigger, better business.

We are here to support each other and you, as well as the communities and world we live in. Together, we connect and collaborate to co-create a world of healthier people on a happier planet!

If you are just getting started on the “holistic” path, I invite you to look at our Glossary and Articles

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It’s free to look around our website. Explore our member directory. All of our members are committed to a holistic and professional approach. Each Member is reference-checked before they are posted in our directory.  

If you approach your own work or life in a holistic manner, I invite you to join us. Click here to get started.

If you are interested in more of my personal journey, my book, False Starts: The Misadventures of Transformation, is available at Amazon.

Enjoy the journey! May you be blessed with ongoing success!

Best regards,
Camille Leon
Founder and Executive Director
The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

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