Are you a seasoned, experienced speaker that would like to host one of our monthly global meetings?
Each month the HCC offers their members a live Zoom event with a guest speaker. The goal is to provide educational opportunities and support our members in growing their businesses.  The event is 60-minutes in length, with approximately 15-minutes of networking/introductions at the beginning, 25-minutes for the guest speaker presentation, 15-minutes of Q&A time with the speaker, and then a few minutes of closing announcements. 
All speakers will have the opportunity to briefly share about their core business and how they help people. You do NOT have to be a business-specific practitioner to speak. For example, your main business may be chiropractic services, but you've had a lot of success in using private Facebook groups to get new clients, so you choose to speak on "growing your business with Facebook groups" and tie in your chiropractic expertise with a "Facebook business tips" conversation.
This speaking opportunity is for those who hold an "Established" level membership, is by application only, and requires a Zoom video chat with Lore Goldstein, the HCC Community Organizer.
Please make sure you meet the following requirements before applying:
  • You are an HCC "Established" level member in good standing. (If you aren't sure, please visit our Membership page or log into your HCC dashboard.)
  • You are able to present on a business-related, business-building topic. (If you only want to highlight your craft or specific modality such as acupuncture or health coaching for example, please schedule a Member Spotlight instead.)
  • You have experience speaking at events or hosting workshops.
  • You have some kind of free offering such as an e-book, consultation call, or webinar to get participants on your email list.
  • You are aware that if you hold a Basic level membership, the speaking fee is $50. (If you are a Business or Beyond member, speaking at a global event is already included in your membership.)
Click Here to start the application process and schedule a chat with Lore.

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