I am honored to be connected with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce community and I appreciate all that this connection brings to me. LinktoEXPERT is a valuable resources for Holistic Chamber of Commerce members seeking to establish their expert status. As a platform for establishing expertise and connecting to influencers all over, LtE is extremely effective, financially and otherwise. The level of personal attention they provide adds even more benefits. What if you could easily expand your influence and the size of your audience for the lifetime of your project? With the combined power of LinktoEXPERT and the HCC, it's easy!
06 March 2018
Joanne Weiland
Chief Connections Officer, LinktoEXPERT, Safety Harbor, Florida
When I joined the HCC, I went from page 6 to page 1 on Google search results for ‘reiki in Burbank’ – And that's a huge difference! Now, I am usually #1 on Page #1 if you type in Reiki in Burbank. It was quick and easy!
03 March 2018
Kathy Golden
The Golden Reiki Center, Burbank, California
One of the attractions for me is knowing that my name will be in the directory. It feels good to be able to say that all of the resources and services affiliated with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce have been reference-checked. I think that means a lot to people.
03 March 2018
Lynne M. Staley
Life After Loss, Naperville, Illinois
I appreciate how easy Camille and the staff of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce has made it to start-up a chapter. Camille has provided guidance, templates, and training. I have been receiving positive feedback about how this new chapter is rolling out, and look forward to continued growth and support of Holistic practices (and the Chamber) in the area.
17 October 2017
Gwynneth L. Doyle
Energy Advisor, Camarillo, CA
The HCC is like a treasure chest with many benefits. Today, it was like finding gold when I received an email from someone who hired me from the online directory!
01 September 2017
Jeani Volker
Energy & Massage Therapy, Beverly Hills, CA
As a long-time member of the HCC, I'm aligned with this cause and community. I love meeting everyone and am glad to be sponsoring this October's special 10th Anniversary event!
18 June 2020
Theresa Callard-Moore
BridgeIt Movement, Flint, MI
HCC has been a fun place to meet amazing and talented people. It is a Community of health conscious caring people. I also enjoy that there is a place that I can get information to help grow my business.
18 June 2020
Karen Sachs
Paint Your Essence, North Hollywood, CA
I love what we are doing through this organization!
26 July 2017
Dr. Sahar Leazer
Moroccan Healing Gardens, New Braunfels, Texas
Your presentation was packed with incredibly useful tips and tools.
21 July 2017
Valentina Olivadese, MSHN
Valiant Nutrition, New York, New York
This is great.. I love it!!!
20 June 2017
Dorothy Pincus
LOL Holistic Yoga - LA, Los Angeles, CA
I'm delighted to be part of a business group devoted to promoting the well-being of the whole person and thereby promoting the well-being of all living creatures.

Some people may wonder how a financial planner is considered "holistic." I find that money touches many aspects of our lives and many aspects of our lives affect our financial decisions. I'm glad there is a gathering of like-minded people I can turn to both personally and professionally.
15 June 2017
Amy Jo Lauber
President, Lauber Financial Planning, West Seneca, NY
Camille (Founder of the HCC) is one of the best collaborators I know. She's built up the Holistic Chamber of Commerce from an inspired idea and it's become a beacon of support for those looking for true holistic health alternatives. As a member practitioner, I'm able to find quality networking partners whom I know have gone through her vetting process. The membership gives me credibility, a platform from which I can share what I do with others and I've found help to build my business in return.
07 June 2017
Eva Vennari
S.E.L.F. Nutrition, Los Angeles, CA
Camille founded the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and I opened up a chapter in Brentwood. She has been a wonderful resource for me and all of the members of our chapter. She is constantly looking to improve the chamber. She is a visionary. I am looking forward to the continued growth of holistic practitioners in our community thanks to Camille's commitment to growth.
01 June 2017
Stephanie Alvarez
The Money Healer, Brentwood, CA
As a new member, I am really impressed with the way the registration has gone and how easy it is to populate the website with ones information etc, Chad Welsh has been most helpfull to me,and looking forward to my first network event here in Miami 3/22/17

20 March 2017
Robert Hubbard
Preferred Travel of Naples, Miami Lakes
I am happy to be part of a great organization with a great mission! As a consumer of holistic products for years, it's nice to be able to meet Holistic practitioners in one place.
18 January 2017
Gwynneth L. Doyle
Legalshield - Independent Associate, Oxnard, CA
What a great organization!! So proud to be associated with a professional organization with so much to offer!!
3 November 2019
Tana Lee
Essential Wellness, Grantville, GA
I have a lot of respect for leaders who take on tremendous tasks with the goal of benefiting others. Camille's vision for the creation of a platform and community that supports other business owners, and under an umbrella of natural health and financial wellbeing, is and example of courageous, forward-thinking entrepreneurship. Conscious capitalism will quickly become the norm with folks like Camille playing a catalyst role in the movement towards better business!
14 February 2017
Jason Haffley
Marketing & Video Specialist, El Segundo, CA
I cannot express enough appreciation for your attention to detail and extremely positive customer service.
14 February 2017
Inger Lanese
ManeStream Counseling Services, Eagle (MI)
I love the sense of community, openness and that the insurance option covers my modality!
28 July 2016
Ashley Nadeau
Live Life Well, Valley City, North Dakota
Every day the synergy becomes even stronger!
28 July 2016
Paul Cholak
Health Excellence Select, Boynton Beach, FL
The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is transforming the holistic business community. As a business owner who teaches holistic principles in business, I enjoy how they have both an online presence as well as traditional chapters so that when I travel for business, I can instantly plug in to the powerful connections.
27 July 2016
Lisa Mininni
Best Selling Author & President, Excellerate Associates, Canton, MI
If you are a business owner with a “holistic“ philosophy, the HCC is for you.
20 April 2020
Kim Howes Roman
Square Foot Gardening 4 U, Glen Burnie, MD
This is awesome!!
22 November 2019
Dorothy Pincus
The Songbird Effect, Los Angeles, CA
First and foremost, I love the people here!  We are established in heart and love, and creating collaborations. Plus, the HCC has helped me access more resources.
10 March 2020
Regena Ozeryansky
Internal Peace Now, Hollywood, FL
What don't I recommend? I recommend all of it. Especially how I can discover new Holistic possibilities, associate with fellow Holistic providers who are going to join me for the 10th Anniversary event in Lake Las Vegas. This looks so excellent, I can hardly wait. I love the people I meet here.
11 March 2020
Linda QBQ Russell
QB Queen, Upland, CA
I am delighted …. to express my endorsement of the Ottawa West Holistic Chamber of Commerce as a valuable and inclusive forum for entrepreneurs and representatives from all sectors of the economy to come together to share their holistic insights, business practices and approaches for the benefit of the entire community.
13 April 2016
Jim Watson
Mayor of Ottawa, Ottawa (ON) Canada
HCC provides a loving environment. The members’ synergy together with their inspiration & support, helps all to thrive & excel, fostering continuous positive change in the world.
13 April 2016
Lynn Cain
Holistic Certified Financial Planner, Ottawa (ON) Canada
HCC is a group where like-minded entrepreneurs inspire each other to succeed. Being part of this vibrant North American organization opens members to limitless potential & learning.
13 April 2016
Kathy Glover Scott
Founder / Owner of Reiki Ottawa, Ottawa (ON) Canada
The Holistic Chamber of Commerce and the HCC of Cherry Hill-Mt. Laurel (NJ) Chapter have enhanced not just my professional but also my personal life, in so many ways in such a short period of time. I have met, bonded with, am collaborating with and learned from some of the most amazing like-minded people on how to grow not just my Coaching/Motivational Speaking business but myself as a better human-being, more so than any other "networking" group of any kind that I have ever been a part of. Thank you for following your hearts desire Camille Leon to inspire others on their mind, body, and soul health.
28 June 2018
Karen Drosnes
Soul Connection Holistic Coaching, Williamstown, NJ
LinktoEXPERT is thrilled to be part of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. We have found many holistic businesses lead from their heart which is wonderful however they don't always focus on the marketing side which brings in more business. They often don't realize how valuable their gifts are to the world. LinktoEXPERT reaches tens of thousands of Decision Makers. Imagine the unlimited possibilities as the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and LinktoEXPERT members can now collaborate and create new solutions where everyone does what they love and loves what they do. Very exciting!
01 March 2016
Joanne Weiland
hief Connections Officer, Safety Harbor, FL
A great example of what focus and intention and follow-through can do! Hooray!
30 March 2020
Janie Becker
Comfort Zone Massage & Aromatherapy, Long Beach, CA

“It's been a great ride! I'm blessed to be a part of it💚💚💚”

1 October 2019
Bridget Papagno
Essential Lightworker, Mount Laurel, NJ
My membership with the HCC has been active for more than a few years now, and during that time I have enjoyed the professional input and support from fellow members. Recently I had the pleasure to meet with Camille Leon to introduce a bit of a new business path I am passionate about. We had a great time brainstorming for both the HCC as well as my new venture focus on visual storytelling, My professional life has been a product of high level creative positions for ad agencies and I know how valuable brainstorming and ideation are for any size business. Hats off to Camille for setting such a great example of support, an "I'm here to both co-create and support" attitude for the members of HCC! Paula Brown / Visual Scribe / Chi-Lightful.
07 August 2015
Paula Brown
Visual Scribe, Los Angeles, CA
At the Toronto York Region chapter launch party, I made more lucrative and valuable connections and was presented with more opportunities in that one night than I had in another networking group for the entire 4 years I've been a member. Likewise, new connections from the Calgary, Toronto Midtown and Vancouver Richmond chapters are creating collaborations that have been amazing. I have to say, this organization is the BEST networking group I have ever been part of. So now it's your turn...
27 July 2015
Brenda MacIntyre
Success Shaman, Toronto, ON
We love being a part of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Camille Leon, the Executive Director, is an exciting leader. The HCC and Camille are a needed value to the business world.

The best part is connecting with all the other members of the HCC through the online portal. We're so glad the HCC has chosen OfficeSlice to be their corporate headquarters.
16 July 2015
Judy Santos
OfficeSlice, Sherman Oaks, CA
I owe a large part of my business success to the San Antonio HCC. I am a yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist who specializes in Thai Yoga Therapy. When I started with the HCC I was at about 30% of my working capacity. Through the people I met and became friends with and the chamber outreach program (health fairs, etc), they helped me build my business to 100% capacity within a year.

The friendships have continued and so have the networking benefits. It is through a contact at the HCC that I met the business owner with whom I will be partnering as I move my business to a new location this coming August of 2015.

I have found the people friendly and helpful, the friendships long-lasting and the business contacts invaluable. Thank you HCC for all that you have given me and my business!
16 July 2015
Tricia Messinger
Massage and Yoga, Hill Country, TX
Amazing network, I'm super grateful to be part of. ❤
11 June 2020
Regena Ozeryansky
Internal Peace Now
Hollywood FL United States of America
Having the honor and privilege of being a Chapter President in the Holistic Chamber of Commerce International Organization and work with Camille is beyond any expectations I could have ever imagined. Her brilliant mind, positive energy, poignant feedback and attention to the needs of others is heartfelt, inspiring and uplifting. She thrives with excellence in every aspect and furthers her vision by planting the seeds of all the chapters with her magic stardust to encourage all of us to be mindful of our interconnection to the wellness of our own mind-body-soul and to the planet as a whole. Thank You, Camille, for helping me to fulfill my dream in providing a larger platform for this soul-full journey and being a part of the healing process of humanity.
2 June 2019
Rene Stern
Salt Chamber Inc., Boca Raton, FL
I am a Founding Member in the Ventura (CA) chapter and am excited to be sponsoring the 10th Anniversary event!
20 June 2020
Jim Nicoll
Nicoll Insurance, Ventura, CA
Camille has been a professional pleasure to work with forming our local Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC). I am looking forward to the possibility that will unfold over time for all members as we grow. I have already made new friendships, had referrals and opportunities because of HCC and we've only just begun our chapter!
01 October 2014
Joy Pedersen
Express Success, LLC, Lakeland, FL
Murrieta Holistic Chamber of Commerce - a great group of business owners who are really tuned into the possibilities!
24 April 2020
Candace Mae Gruber
Murrieta, CA
I'm here because I can connect with like-hearted beings, expand my reach, and learn more about other holistic approaches. So grateful!
09 June 2020
Linda Crossley
Sanctuary for Compassion and Connection, Huntington Beach, CA
I will always remember when, that first night at the Retreat, you put your head on my shoulder, and I got how really precious this business woman is. I cherish your friendship, your smarts, your humanitarian soul. Thanks for being on the planet the same time as me.
03 July 2014
Grace Leslie
Face Reading with Grace, Boerne, TX
I have connected with and made friends with many members of the HCC. We have experienced each others' services & products, referred clients to each other, and collaborated on multiple projects. It is such a blessing for me to be involved. It is a natural & necessary part of me & my business. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce adds another layer of joy & optimism to my business & my life.
03 July 2014
Mee Vaj
Reiki Master & Hypnotherapist, Orange County, CA
Sometimes, it gets a little lonely as a professional in the Alternative Healing field... What the Holistic Chamber of Commerce does, it brings the Alternative Healing community together, allows us to support and refer to one another, AND brings speakers who teach us business and marketing skills to build our businesses. I have not only made fantastic business contacts, but great friends!!
10 September 2013
Brenda Bailey
Unlimited Possibilities 101, San Antonio/Austin, TX
Everyone who helped the healing process I met in HCC Networking. Networking helped save my life. Thank you. I became a Christmas miracle.
23 January 2020
Lisa Browne
Hypnotist, Costa Mesa, CA
I’ve gotten two new clients through the HCC online member directory and really appreciate how well it works!
08 June 2013
Judith Barker
Healing With Heart Energy Therapy, Houston, TX
The HCC just gets better all the time!
08 June 2013
Cristina Smith
Energetic Healer & Medical Intuitive, San Diego, CA
…main focus of providing anything and everything remotely possible to nurture each members growth and development, and expansion of their businesses. I am very appreciative!
02 January 2013
Phyllis Douglass
Claremont, CA
I joined for networking with local practitioners; creating referral networks; learning about quality services and products that are available; forging professional relationships; reinforcing and improving legislative influence to counter AMA control over healthcare... Here, I can become a better practitioner and improve the presence of alternative options in healthcare.
02 January 2013
Aaron Root, DC, DACNB
San Antonio, TX
I so appreciate the work you are doing and our Santa Monica chapter. It's amazing and you are doing a great job of cocreating something great for life!
04 February 2020
Heidi Funk
Passionate Wisdom Leaders, Santa Monica, CA
As holistic practitioners, we usually focus on helping others. Joining the HCC helps me take care of myself as well as my business. By providing shared resources and promotional opportunities as well as face-to-face networking, it's easy to create relationships with other practitioners for mutual benefit and support. In a city as big as LA, being a Holistic Chamber member makes doing business personal as well as professional.

Finding the right holistic resources isn't always easy as there are so many choices. So the HCC is a great way to find holistic practitioners who are reputable, reliable and caring. Members' references are checked to make sure they are professional and have satisfied clients so I can trust they know what they're doing and are worth checking out.
02 January 2013
Barbara Schiffman
Certified Hypnotherapist and Life & Soul Coach, Burbank, CA
The need for a national Holistic Chamber of Commerce is greater now than ever before; the movement has grown and needs the national clearinghouse of professional holistic-minded business entrepreneurs.
02 January 2013
Charles Lightwalker
The Family of Light Healing Centre, Spokane, WA