"Relationships, personal and/or professional, are the keys to your resources, results and rewards!" ~ Camille Leon
What if you could determine what was most important to the person you just met or how your new client makes decisions, just by looking at their face?  Cool, huh?  Chinese Face Reading has been used for centuries in China and worldwide to help everyone from the Emperor to government officials, from military generals to matchmakers, to understand and communicate more effectively with others.
It is an ancient art and science that some Chinese scholars say dates back 3,000 to 5,000 years.  According to Henning Hai Lee Yang, a Mian Xiang (Face Reading) expert, the first Face Reading school is said to have been established around 481 B.C.E.  There are many accountings of how Face Reading originated, the most popular version was that the Emperor wanted to know which general to send into battle to ensure that he retained power.   The ancient monks and scholars started making observations and inventories of faces, documenting that similarity in facial features correlated with similarity in personality traits and character.  I venture to guess that you’ve noticed that people who look alike often act alike. 
The Power of Partnership
How do you leverage the power of connections and collaborations to expand your reach as a holistic professional or business owner?
Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, partnerships are a powerful way to expand your reach to new customers, clients or patients AND power up your presence in the marketplace.
What would the world, and our businesses, be like if we viewed everyone as a partner? When we view everyone as a partner, we are more likely to treat people with respect and consideration. From there, we are well-positioned to create partnerships that go beyond the status quo.