What are you waiting for? It is easy to come up with reasons to wait (or procrastinate). 
These three tips make it easy to take action and move forward, creating the results that lead to the rewards that you really want.
Before you start, what is the project or idea that you have gotten stuck with? Is it your website, a social media platform, headshots or something else?
Now that you have a solid idea in mind, consider implementing and taking action with one of these:
  1. Get quotes: Sometimes we delay because we don’t think we can afford something. These days, almost everything is available at a variety of prices. Visit websites, email or make calls to get a sense of what you can afford. Find someone who is good for you and your budget.
  2. Ask for input: Maybe you have an end in mind and are wondering the best way to get your goal(s). Talk to others who could give you ideas and insights. Look at ways that others are doing it.
  3. Start with the first step only: When you have a BIG idea in mind, it’s tempting to bite off more than you can chew. Break you project down into steps and start with just the first step. As the ball gets rolling, you’ll be in a better position to take each step as it comes!
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BIO: Camille Leon is the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is also an Author (Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action) and Artist. She helps people find holistic approaches to health, life and business.