Posted by Camille Leon

I have a guilty pleasure… I play computer solitaire. When I need a break from concentrating on the task at hand, it’s just a too-easy way to step aside and re-focus.

While it’s an exaggeration that I’ve learned everything I know about business from this simple game, it’s taught me a few things. The main thing I’ve figured out is that there’s more than one way to win. In computer solitaire, you can win the hand, of course.

You can also win by hitting a higher score than you did last time, clocking a faster speed or increasing the percentage of total games won.

In business, some people have tied their scorecard to the obvious: money. However, others value Autonomy and Environment even more highly.

If you have all the money in the world, but don’t have the time to enjoy it, well, autonomy with your time becomes a prized “possession.” Likewise, if you live and work in an environment that isn’t healthy for you – mentally, physically, emotionally – then the value of the money you’re earning can be lost as you lose your health.

I try to keep these factors in mind when I’m talking to new clients/customers. I like to ask (though I sometimes forget!) what motivates them to do what they do. Since my customers are primarily holistic professionals and practitioners, fulfilling a personal passion for helping and healing others is often an important factor as well.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and/or your customers/clients:

1.      What do you want?

2.      Can we go beyond the obvious and discover why you want it? For example, why do you want more money or more time? Once you have it, how will you spend it?

3.      Do you want better health so that you can enjoy time with family/friends/children/ grandchildren, be more effective at work or travel?

Until next time, remember to find the joy in what you do and do it well! Look for like-minded professionals to assist you in healing yourself, your business, your community and the world!


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