One of the big benefits of joining any organization, cause or movement, is the power of the group coming together in a coordinated way.
First and foremost, large groups can offer better discounts with more members and more members can negotiate bigger discounts.
BNDL offers Holistic Chamber members, and friends, significant savings on office supplies and services. BNDL is an easy to use online platform that allows businesses of any size to take advantage of the low prices previously only made available to corporations.
By using referral code XHCOC222 at, you and your business can save up to 70% with retailers like Staples on your everyday spending.
How did BNDL come about?  Well, it was a serendipitous meeting of two female powerhouses, one Dutch and one American.  Fre Rammeloo of DexterGBS is a procurement expert and for years wanted to help smaller businesses buy cheaper, and saw an unfair market where corporations (who could afford to pay more) were negotiating low bulk pricing, while smaller businesses still had to pay more.  When Rammeloo met Sharon Watkins, of Florida-based Radiuspoint, they created the online platform to build BNDL and offer great deals to small businesses and start-ups.
With a team of Deal Finders who find the best prices for their members, BNDL is already helping smaller businesses save money. We have more products and suppliers joining us each month and continue to offer more to the BNDL family. 
David Tewkesbury, BNDL Marketing Director said ‘Some businesses are still looking for ways to recover from recent world events and we want BNDL to be part of that recovery. We’ve made BNDL free to use, with no spend commitment and our members can save up to 70%. And I’m waiving the joining fee for Holistic Chamber Members and affiliates.” To join, use the referral code XHCOC222 and join at  
We’re here to help businesses save, simplify and thrive. Don’t just shop, simply join. Buy. Save!  
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