Posted by Camille Leon

Because I travel in holistic circles, I hear quite a bit about the “law of attraction.” I hear far less about the “law of action.”

In Texas, they would question if you might be “All hat and no cattle.” I just want you to “talk the talk AND walk the walk.”

When I look at the spirit-based celebs, like Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle, as well as health-based celebs like Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil, it is clear that there is more to the law of attraction than sitting still and “attracting” your desired results. They use established business tools and techniques to reach new audiences on a regular basis.

At last night’s Women of the Green Generation Publicity Panel, we were reminded that life is “a marathon, not a sprint” and so is building a business (or practice). It’s funny how we recognize that ongoing education is important to becoming a stronger Reiki master or natural healer yet think that a full practice with plenty of paying clients comes overnight.

How much time (and money) did you spend to become an expert at your chosen modality? By now, you probably realize that building a sustainable practice also takes time (and money).

The good news is, when you’re doing what you love, you can enjoy the work and choose the groups and activities that support you best. When you’re ready to find the balance point and merge the law of attraction with the law of action, there are plenty of opportunities available. Maybe even too many!

Actually, there are almost too many choices available. Not everyone needs another meeting. Some people need support building their online presence. Others want the support that comes with face-to-face networking. That’s why The Holistic Chamber of Commerce created it’s hybrid of services with representation through web-based and collaborative marketing mixed with local meetings.

Sit still and look around at the possibilities, consider the groups that can best support you in reaching your goals, and apply the action that will increase your attraction.