A: The Holistic Chamber of Commerce purposely does not define the term “Holistic.” We believe each individual can best create their own, personal definition of “holistic.”
Our aim is to be inclusive and welcome those who self-identify as Holistic, or simply want to learn more about what others consider to be holistic. We believe we can all learn and grow from a new perspective and an honest search for what holistic means.
Our own journey has led to an understanding of certain hallmarks of a holistic, integrated and green-sustainable perspective:
  • Balancing short-term results with long-term consequences
  • Integrity and honesty in our dealings with others
  • Organic, fair trade and natural
  • Complementary and integrative
  • Green, eco-­friendly and sustainable
  • Fair to everyone, including ourselves
  • Consciousness of the link between mind-­body­-spirit and business-budget-planet
We try not to judge others based on where they currently are on the continuum from mainstream and status quo to holistic and eco-­friendly.