What's in it for Me? I mean, really, why should you join? How will membership actually help you?
I mean, if you were to become a member... And for those of you who already are a member,
let's make sure you are fully connected to even more of what's included...
We talk about connections, but who would you be connecting with and for what purpose?
Our members fall into 3 primary types...
  1. health and wellness providers who are actively in business - the acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, chiropractors, essential oils experts, artists and art therapists, psychologists, nurses, doctors, nutrition coaches and energy healers who want more patients/clients/customers and appreciate support for what they are doing;
  2. business support professionals serving the holistic business community - the bookkkeepers, accountants, webmasters, attorneys, social media assistants, etc.;
  3. those active or retired from conventional careers who believe in what we are doing and want to keep spreading the word about holistic approaches while giving access to professional-level providers;
  4. and our bonus members are from a hodgepodge of other groups: home-schooling parents, side hustlers, baby boomers on second careers, lifestyle coaches, and more.
Why connect? For what purpose? To make it easier to succeed by being supported AND finding more customers/clients/patients.
It's like realizing you've found your bowl of water when you didn't even realize you were a fish out of water.
These are the people who want you to succeed because they get that your success makes this world a better place for everyone. Conversations are expansive and helpful as you connect with people who can in turn connect you with more patients/clients AND support.
It's really about the law of abundance... There is plenty for everyone and, by coming together, we have easier access to all of it.
Plus, our members are listed in our public online directory so that mainstream consumers can always find someone to help. We want to help each other, and go beyond that.
Where do these connections happen? In our Members Only Networking meetings, the group on FB and our chapters available in select locations.
Let’s make 2022 playful, profitable and powerful for everyone! 
Camille Leon is Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Holistic Education Foundation, Author of Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action, and an Artist.
Camille can also bake a pie crust from scratch and has fun on her silly TikTok channel!