Aug 20, 2019
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
495 Ventu Park Road Newbury Park CA 91320
United States of America
About Us
Welcome to Thousand Oaks! The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Thousand Oaks, CA. Chapter represents holistic professionals, practitioners, and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.
Volunteer Chapter Leadership Team: President - Gwynneth L. Doyle, Senior Vice President - Lani Visconti, Membership Chair - Maggie DennisonSocial Media Manager - Xochitl Garcia, Newsletter ManagerZoya Bokhoor-Mills, Mastermind Group Leader - Felicia Searcy
Thank you to volunteers - Rhonda Clure for producing Member Certificates and Name Badges, for Lizz Grinsell who organized our recent shopping bazarr, and our electronic business card, and for all the others who have helped with clean-up, take-down, visitor hosts, and great suggestions that keep the Chapter flowing. We have more exciting things coming down the line! 
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New Members          
All new Members will receive a frameable certificate, recognition on this website, and on the chapter Facebook page. 
Upcoming Chamber Events
Lunch Meeting, Tuesday, July 16, 2019; 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant, 495 Ventu Park Road, Newbury Park, CA. $23 Member Lunch, $26 Non-Member Lunch, What Unspoken Message Are You Sending?
Being holistic practitioners we are devoted to helping improve the lives of others, through our skill, products and services. Unfortunately, being highly skilled in our chosen paths and heart centered may not be enough to promote ourselves. The one question that we all have difficulty in answering is how am I being perceived by others? What Is my appearance and body language revealing about who I am and the message I am trying to convey to my audience? 
Speaker – Christy Zerull, Owner and Creator of Cali’s Dream Cream,
RSVP on Eventbrite at For more information, call Gwynneth at 805-419-0448, or email:
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Extra Benefits for Thousand Oaks Chapter Members
All new Memberships will receive a frameable certificate, recognition on this website, and on the chapter Facebook page. Thousand Oaks Chapter Members may also post their classified, blogs, events or discounts posted in the Newsletter, and the Members Only HCC Facebook page.
To have your classifieds, blogs, events or discounts posted in the newsletter, on our electronic business card, or on our Facebook page, please email the following to and by the first Tuesday of each month (for newsletter; Electronic postings can be during the month).
  • One line description of your discount or event
  • One image that you like to be included (.jpeg)
  • A link to a page on your website assigned to your event or special of the month
  • If you have a flyer, please attach it in PDF format to your email
Standard practices: the energy of the room is altered to support a great environment prior to the meeting. Member name badges were provided and collected (so that we can bring them to all of our events). Member business cards were also collected so that we can bring them to every event, (incase you forget to bring them yourself). There’s also a member’s flyer table so that you can advertise your business and services.