Posted by Camille Leon

Most of you know me as a public person and probably think of me as an extrovert. On weekends, I am often curled up at home with a good book. This got me to considering how opposites work together in building a holistic business...

A. Accept the paradox. Appreciate it.
>Introvert or extrovert. Humility with promotion. Fast and slow. Action and patience. Strength and vulnerability. Is there an area where you have two seemingly contrasting traits/tendencies and/or choices?

B. Blend and balance the contrasts.
>Some circumstances will call for one. Other times will call for the other. And periodically you will need both at the same time.

C. Choose wisely.
>What did you do last time? How did it work?  Are you in a position where consistent repetition will be your best action because it builds momentum, or where it is time to try something entirely new?