Theoretically, we all know that each person’s body has different health and wellness responses and preferences. At the same time, we often want to know what has worked for others in hopes that it will also work for us...
Essential oils are no different. What works for you may or may not work for me, and vice versa.
Just like penicillin works for some people while others are allergic to it.
Still, it helps to know what works for others. Often, that knowledge can help us find a solution that will work for you. Here is a short list of uses of essential oils that help relieve specific concerns.
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Right now, our favorites are two blends. "Breathe" is a respiratory blend featuring eucalyptus, peppermint, and cardamom. It's amazing for opening our airways and supporting asthmatic symptoms and sinus issues. We breathe in a drop right from our hands and also diffuse it at night too! The "Adaptiv" blend is for calming and is available in an oil and softgel. It is fantastic for supporting us with anxiety and feelings of uneasiness. We rub it in our wrists, behind our ears, and take the softgel with our morning lemon water.
We also use essential oils when dealing with an ear infection. Rubbing Tea Tree and Basil along the outside of the ears, then dropping a few drops on a cotton ball and resting it in the ear was very beneficial for supporting the pain and infection. It's a regimen we've used and recommended many times!
[Tana Lee, Atlanta (Newnan), GA]
Essential oil spray to clear negative energy in home, car or office!
In 2 oz spray bottle: Add 12 drops sage + 12 drops rose + 1 teaspoon witch hazel. Fill with distilled water.
Shake and spray!
[Cheryl Case, Avon, CT]
Some of my favorite oils are Sandalwood, Blue Tansy and Amber.  It is always a personal preference, and really relates to the type of personality, sex, and past memories.
Sandalwood for me is a highly spiritual oil, connecting the crown and base chakras, and takes one deep into meditation.  Blue Tansy from the artemisia family, is highly anti-inflammatory, and deeply calming and grounding.  Amber is my deep, sexy aroma, taking me back to ancient times.
I also use essential oil blends for various issues, such as:   sleep, relaxing,  arthritis, pain, oedema, breathing, congestion, etc. They need to used judiciously and with respect.  Less is more.
[Linda Warner, Winchester, VA]
I love using wintergreen and spearmint to assist with muscle relaxation during my Craniosacral/bodywork sessions. The aroma assists when a patient is in the middle of the work day receiving treatment and citrus is great at the end to help them slowly re-acclimate back into work.
[Michelle Krause, Baltimore (Severna Park), MD]
I love essential oils and use them daily for my health and wellness.  The thing that totally sold me was that I used it for shingles.  About 3 years ago, I got a slightly mild/moderate case of shingles.  I decided to try essential oils before going to the doctor.  I knew they would give me some type of steroid or other potent drug.  I used melaluca, lavender and peppermint several times a day with coconut oil.  Within 3 days, the pain was gone and, several weeks later, you couldn't even tell I had it.   Amazing!
[Andrea Lopes, Olney, MD]
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If you are interested in more details about any of these, find these members and others in our Member Directory by clicking here.
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