Most people would agree that there are 3 key elements of health freedom
    1. Financial: The ability to pay for your healthcare
    2. Legal: Having your health preferences approved as options for care
    3. Access: Being able to find your preferred product/service

    While it would be easy to debate which of these keys is the most important, it is also easy to see that access is the most critical. If you are looking for breast thermographer, especially for the first time, but the closest one you can find is in another state, it will cost more to get there and take more time. How do you find one that is close to where you live or work?

    Google and other search engines make it easier to find most things. Still, search engine optimization (SEO) means that your local healthcare providers may not come up in a search, even if they are near to you and offer what you want. 

    Today’s society seems to be on a go-go-go schedule. It’s easy for people to choose the fast and easy option by stopping at the local drugstore. How do you find holistic and natural products, services and solutions? 

    Goods news! Some products and services are available online. Still, many require an in-person visit: massage, acupuncture, float therapy, halotherapychiropractic and colon hydrotherapy, to name a few. Even hypnotherapists and more esoteric healing professionals often prefer to work with clients in person; though some offer services by phone/Skype.

    Those that are serious about their health may be looking for more natural products and services, especially if they want to avoid the negative side effects of most medications. However, if no one is available near to them, they may feel as if they don’t have any real options.

    Real health freedom is when we can all FIND and ACCESS what we want when we need it. Then, we can find the money to pay for it and when consumer demand is visible to lawmakers, the laws are likely to follow suit.

    Won't it be nice when it's as easy for people to find and afford holistic and natural products, services and solutions as it is for them to find the corner drugstore?

    Now that's freedom!