As is often the case, these healers-to-be experienced illnesses for which western medical care had few solutions, and so their healing journeys began in earnest.
They soon found an abundance of ancient remedies, both in nature and in cutting-edge technology using the eternal quantum laws of physics that went deep into the emotional heart of the dis-ease, rooting it out completely over time.
Because of that whole mind|body|spirit approach, they were cured, one might say, across many levels and dimensions. They then felt empowered to bring this work to others to fulfill their purpose. 
But one of these souls chose to hold the energy of anger against the “establishment,” railing against power and profit-driven protocols. This practitioner was clever and well-versed in all the ways the matrix holds onto its power. This warrior, of sorts, resisted these forces, which only served to prop up that which they railed against, actually giving it more life – “what you resist, persists.”
This vibratory line of attack even manifested in marketing and financial practices as worry – fear of the future – about finding enough clients to make ends meet. The Guaranteed Success Formulas of others were attempted, without the desired results, because they were not nurtured within them. 
The other Practitioner did the same amount of study and research, but also remembered they were a soul having a human experience in a realm made of energy that responds to our vibratory signature – one of the very principles they teach, and now embodied. They allowed themselves to experience a flow where miraculous happenings occur in non-linear, beautifully unpredictable ways. That intuitive flow allowed a crucial ingredient to manifestation and healing – love – to work its magic unconditionally, without judgment, in universal alignment with them.
So, while the first made an impressively thorough case for the superiority of their integrative treatment, brandishing facts like weapons, skillfully slicing up western medicine’s arguments for sickcare, they also tended to run the business from a place of stress and uncertainty. In wanting to get clients, they energetically forced the issue in the same way they forced their arguments, propping up so much of what they did not want.
The other, despite having similar book knowledge, certifications, and life experience, turned to their flow and met clients where they were without judgement, fashioning life around authentic knowing by operating from the inside out, rather than using others’ exterior formulas for “success.” They knew their path was individualized and would never look like anyone else’s. 
They created a life and a practice that aligned with their being, which paved the way to care for the wellbeing of others because they had cared for their own first and knew the territory.
They embody the quantum energetic principles they teach, one of which is to believe first, and then we see it in action: in life, in beauty, and yes, in love. The gratitude that flows from this embodiment and trust in the process – trust in the laws of the universe! – puts other matters in another light completely.
What does that look like for you? You can be assisted by other like-hearted souls at Holistic Chamber of Commerce gatherings – check for your nearest chapter – and experience the holistic support of your fellow healers on similar – but individual! – journeys, which are always connected to the heart. Just make sure your first stop… is inside. 
Camille Leon is the Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Author of Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action. She holds the space where patients, clients and customers find their holistic practitioners and embrace their healing journey and all things holistic. For more information go to This article was also featured in Radiance Magazine, Scott Ware is the Publisher of Radiance