If you want to sign up more customers, clients and/or patients, this is the one for you! Do you feel like you are putting yourself out there but can't figure out why people haven't signed up yet?
There are two critical keys to make sure your marketing works well!
1. When people are looking for the product/service/event that you offer, will they find you?
2. When they find you, will they know how to sign up?
Sure, your website offers a free gift in exchange for their email address... But what if someone is ready to buy now? What if they don't want to get on another email list? And do you even send emails to those who do sign up for your free gift?
The Mindful Marketer knows that, to help people, you have to make it easy for them to buy. Sometimes, you first have to help people know why they want to buy. Sometimes, they are ready and they just need your number (or email) or an easy-to-see "click here" "sign up now" button, and make sure that your links work).
With more people paying attention to overall health and wellness than ever before and looking for products and services to support that it’s critical that they be able to find you AND buy from you. Otherwise, they’ll keep doing what they’ve always done and your budget will stay where it’s been.
We want to EXPAND possibilities for everyone! For you to help them, and them to purchase your products/services, they’ve got to know about you first AND how to make a purchase.
For a visual version, go to https://youtu.be/x3ll3Noj2ys.
So, open your website or a flyer and ask yourself these questions:
  1. How do people make a purchase? Is that link on the home page? FYI A pop-up to sign up for your free gift is not the same as a link to make purchase.
  2. Is it likely that someone will have questions before purchasing? Is your phone number or a “click here to email” on your front page? How do people make an appointment if that's what they need?
  3. The advantage that a retail store has is that it’s easy to find the price. How much is it? Many people do not want to negotiate and, if the price is not visible, it means a conversation is required. An idea: Put your prices up and, if you want, add a note for “Discounts are available. Call us at ------ to see if you qualify.” That way, people can "buy now" or call you to see if they qualify for a discount (teachers, first responders, single mothers, veterans...).
  4. If you are holding an in-person event (and we will be able to soon), is the address for the event easy to find? What about the registration link?
The best websites and flyers make it easy for people to find what they are looking for and buy it!
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Camille Leon, is the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She helps people find holistic approaches to health, life and business, and helps holistic professionals connect with more customers, clients and patients as well as like-minded business support. Her latest book, Fresh Starts: Transformation in Action, is available through Amazon and Balboa Press. She is also a Speaker available for online and in-person events. Looking for more support? Call 310-490-6862 (Pacific).
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