What is a sneak preview? In simple terms, it is when you are given advanced notice about an upcoming product, service, solution, event, trend, industry, etc. before it goes viral or gets released to the public.
Sometimes it is just someone’s thought or idea. Have you ever heard someone mention something intriguing to you in a casual conversation? It usually starts with: Can you imagine if... Or, Why do we do it like this when we could...Or, Why include this in your...What if we could…
Camille Leon, Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, suggests that “this is one of the most powerful benefits of networking with like-minded professionals, practitioners and business owners. Insights and ideas often come up that can expand your current results into something bigger and brighter.”
Most people get many sneak previews without being consciously aware that they are receiving some vital information. 
Some people know they received a download or sneak preview and get extremely excited. They run with the idea. However, when they tell others about their idea, they get laughed at, even ridiculed. In a short period of time, they quit. That’s unfortunate because now they will never benefit from that hunch. Now that idea is open for someone else to grasp and implement! Have you ever seen a product in the store and said: I had that idea a couple years ago!
Fortunately, there is a small percentage of folks who thrive on sneak previews! They ponder on them, invent new products then take them to the market. They have learned persistence is the key to success because it sometimes it takes time for the public to see the solution clearly. They understand it takes time for people to adjust to something new even if it saves time, money, and energy. 
I am grateful. I have been blessed to recognize many sneak previews throughout my lifetime and am happy to report I have utilized and implemented many of them. For example, I created an interactive platform where you can easily find an expert, review their credentials, and ask them how they would solve your predicament. You decide if they are the best candidate for your project. If the answer is yes, you can hire them in minutes. 
Imagine that! Now you can implement your sneak previews fast, with ease and be first to market!
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