Susie Cowan
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Health & Hydration OASIS
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
United States of America
Animal & Pet Services Green & Eco-Resources Health & Wellness
I promote health and quality of life through small changes that can have a BIG impact on optimal health. Since we are 70 to 75% water... health begins with the "right" water! Kangen Water comes from an Enagic water ionizer that produces 7 different pH waters for optimal health, green cleaning and sanitizing. I also promote Bemer Vascular Therapy,; VoxxLife Neurotech (socks, insoles & patches) and also photo therapy patches from LifeWave including their X39 Stem Cell activation patch. www.LifeWave. com/WorthItForLife My purpose is to help people (and pets) find OPTIMAL HEALTH & HYDRATION and promote the message that your health should be an investment, not an expense!
Susie Cowan
Susie Cowan