Rich Baker
(509) 768-2150
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Spokane WA 99201
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CrystalWolfe Blends/ Silver Butterfly Healing Center
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Spokane, WA 99201
United States of America
(509) 768-2150
Rich Baker
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  • CrystalWolfe Blends - Aromatherapy, Herbal Blends, Energy Work (Rich Baker)
  • Spirit Bear Designs - Interior Design for Disabled Veterans (Richard Craven)
  • Silver Butterfly Healing Center - Ceremonies, Weddings and Rituals (Both Rich and Richard)
  • Friendly for the LGBTQ+ Community
We also offer digital artwork and gifts!
- Rich CrystalWolfe Baker and Richard Craven - Spokane - Washington
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Artists: Creative, Musical & Visual Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work Home/Residential Products & Services Retail (Online & Local) / Gifts