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Chiron Energy Medicine
Encino, CA 91316
United States of America
(818) 776-8432
Carolyn Osborn
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“I love helping my clients, people and animals, get back in balance on all levels. Through Medical Intuition we can discover the core issues, beliefs and root causes of important concerns. My work supports clients to find answers for health, relationships, emotional needs, life situations and even work or career matters. Clients can improve their well-being and connect with their untapped self-healing capacity that can expand consciousness to a higher level.” As a Certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP), Carolyn’s Passion, Purpose and Mission is to guide you along this path. She is also a Certified Accunect®, Animal Energy®, and BodyTalk Practitioner and is an Animal Communicator, Performance Mentor, and offers Equine & Rider Programs. A particular specialty for which she is known is her intuitive work with animals and their owners. “Animals are my passion. They can be so responsive to all the energy work I do. This is totally non-invasive and they love the connection & communication."
Flexible. Check my website for Appointment options or to request an Introductory Consultation.
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