Carolyn Osborn
(818) 776-8432
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Chiron Energy Medicine
Encino, CA 91316
United States of America
Carolyn Osborn

Carolyn Osborn
(818) 776-8432

“I love helping my clients (people and animals) find their energetic and physical balance. Chiron Energy Medicine encompasses the modalities of Accunect™ (Energy Medicine), Animal Communication and Medical Intuition from which I can assist you and your animals to find the well-being and health you desire. My work supports clients to find answers and solutions for better health, performance & mindset, emotional needs, life situations and even work or career matters. Clients can improve their well-being and connect with their untapped self-healing capacity to expand their consciousness to a higher level.” 
A particular specialty for which Carolyn is known is her intuitive work with animals and their owners. “Animals are my passion. They can be so responsive to all the energy work I do. This is totally non-invasive to be safe for them while supporting their well-being. They love the connection and communication, and they love to send messages to their person.” 
Carolyn is also available to support and discuss any issues around COVID symptoms/side effects, vaccine concerns, etc.  
Carolyn is a Certified Accunect® (CAP), Animal Energy®, and Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP) and is an Animal Communicator, Performance Mentor, and offers Equine & Rider Programs.
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