Malgorzata Rogalski
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Love Your Life Guide
34017 Marshall Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V2S 1L8
Malgorzata Rogalski

Malgorzata Rogalski
The Passion Test® Facilitator, Dream Coach®
(604) 556-1788

Throughout my life, I was learning about me by reading and taking self-development classes. These were a tremendous help. The knowledge I have gained regarding personal, and more recently, spiritual development has changed my thinking, and changed my life for the better. In my business, I share the knowledge to inspire people to become the best version of themselves, as well as, serve them by inspiring and empowering them to find joy, and peace in their life. I am a Certified Passion Test® Facilitator and a Certified Dream Coach®. As a Certified Passion Test ® facilitator I assist women to identify and focus on 5 of the most important things in their life right now. Then together we identify measurable outcomes and provide tools to accomplish this. As a Certified Dream Coach®, I help people find, create, and realize their dreams in just about every area of life. Malgorzata Rogalski - Abbotsford, BC