Sharleen Daly
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This Is A Thing
36232 Madora Drive
Temecula, CA 92591
United States of America
Sharleen Daly

Sharleen Daly

Bringing holistic care to families and communities for free supporting mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Simple said, " We have the ability to make different choices when we feel good....why we don't feel good can be complicated but the treatment does not" " we have things available everywhere that work" " our current offering of medical care is somewhat incomplete" " and considering the facts of how we got here as a human race" " we should not be charged" " it show be offered for free" " to help communities thrive" " to help us to behave better" " it is just good for the human race and earth" "it is time to step up and shine as a race" We are doing this already....let us keep going This is a Thing Bring it to your community send inquiries