Laera Morrow
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Laera's Lair of Natural Healing
Portland, OR 97232
United States of America
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work Intuitive & Metaphysical Counseling Relaxation & Stress Relief
I am a shamanic, energy, and natural healer, an author, and the owner/founder of Laera's Lair of Natural Healing. The mission of Laera's Lair is to spread awareness and availability of nonconventional healing modalities, and to teach people to heal themselves by offering them directly to people from all walks of life and health journeys.

Spiritual health and well-being is vital to human mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. Through spiritual healing work, I treat clients' health issues without pills; that is, by treating the cause — not just the symptom. Whenever symptoms do necessitate treatment for relief of pain or discomfort, I work only with natural substances.

In addition to teaching workshops on the self-healing of anxiety, I offer the following one-on-one healing modalities to clients: Shamanic Healing work — as a certified shamanic healer, services I offer include Soul Retrieval, Curse Unraveling, Extraction, Cord-Cutting, Vitality Retrieval, and Psychopomping (distance healing options available for all); Reiki — as a Reiki Master, I offer these energy healing sessions that relieve stress, relax, and heal by removing negative energetic debris accumulated through daily living (distance healing option available); Essential Oils — inspired by my own enthusiasm for how Frankincense put a stop to my daily multiple gran mal seizures years ago, I offer consultations on these volatile aromatic compounds found in plants that have been used by humans for centuries for health care, food preparation, and beauty treatments.
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Laera Morrow
Laera Morrow
Shamanic/Energy/Natural Healer