About the HCC

A few facts:
Serving more than 50,000 consumers since 10/2010. The HCC is woman-founded and woman-owned/
An active online organization connecting consumers to holistically-aligned providers of products and services, and providing member-to-member support: Mind * body * spirit * business * budget * planet.
Find your people. Love your life!
Expanded perspective:
There’s this thing about having a holistic mindset.
You get used to being misunderstood.
It’s not about fitting in, you think, but then why do so many things feel like they’re NOT a good fit?
  • You get referrals, but they rarely turn into much.
  • You go to networking events, but people rarely seem to get you.
  • You spend on courses and consultants, but they rarely feel designed for you.
But what if there was a different way? What if you rarely felt out of place? What could that look like?
  • You get referrals, and they turn into customers, clients, and patients.
  • You go to networking events, and everyone’s open to what you do.
  • You spend on courses and consultants, and they’re designed with you in mind.
Don’t make it tougher than it needs to be.
Find your people. Grow your business… at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
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