About Us


Our core cause is to be the BRIDGE for consumers looking for holistic eco-friendly products, services and solutions by connecting them to an active HCC member. This is the purpose of our free-to-search online HCC member directory.  We also provide business support and resources to our members to ensure the success and sustainability of their businesses.  


Our primary purpose is to connect more people with holistic and integrated options for health, wellbeing, lifestyle, and business. We do this by increasing awareness, education, and access through our reference-reviewed Members, website, social media, and public presence. We also support our Members in building better businesses so they can help themselves while helping others.
Founded in October 2010, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce is an international organization for holistically-minded professionals, practitioners, business owners, and resource providers... a community coming together in support of a cause.
We are Member-focused through our ever-expanding online presence and our network of members and community-based chapters. We make it easier for people to learn about and access holistic, natural and eco-friendly products, services and solutions.


Founder & CEO


Camille Leon is the Founder & CEO of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

She is also the Author of Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action and False Starts ~ The Misadventures of Transformation, both of which are available at Amazon.

Camille is known for her energetic, delightful and insightful presentations. She is available as a speaker, emcee and moderator for topics including "Holistic Health 101" and "How to have a Holistically Healthy Business." For booking, please reach out to 310-490-6862 (Pacific) or Camille@HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com.

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