Are negative thoughts weighing you down?

Specialists like Charles Lightwalker know that, at the office, stress can decrease productivity because worry wastes time better spent taking care of the task at hand.

Stress is also one of the key factors in many chronic conditions, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Some heart attacks have such a strong Mind-Body connection that there is a term for it: Broken Heart Syndrome.

Are you making yourself sick with thoughts that stress you out?  Do you worry too much?  Do you waste time ruminating about things that could go wrong? 

More importantly, do you want to change your negativity into a more neutral or positive focus that is better for your health and productivity?

As is the case with many, we are too close to ourselves and our thinking. It is a “can’t see the forest for the trees” effect. The thought seems like the truth, even when it is just one viewpoint. Someone else may see the same set of circumstances (and potential solutions) very differently.

When a thought comes to mind, can you step away internally and observe the thought? 

Worriers tend to get drawn into an ever-descending dialogue of dread, doubt, and fear. By recognizing the difference between “thinker” mode and becoming an “observer,” you can change the dialogue going on in your mind.  When you’re in “observer” mode, you can stand by in a neutral way and are less likely to get dragged down by unnecessary stress.

Talk about “Easier said than done!”

How do you better understand your negative thought patterns and change them before they drag you down, reducing your ability to fight off illness? 

Holistic counselors and coaches use a variety of techniques and tools, discovering what works best for you, just as conventional doctors may try different medications.

True change comes when you decide to actively change your thoughts, patterns and habits using the tools and techniques that are best for you.

Holistic professionals, including Medical Intuitives and Reiki Masters, are skilled at assisting you in separating negative thoughts from deeper connections within you. Then, you can find your own clear answers for healing your emotions, mind and body. 

Through the use of essential oils, sound and vibration therapies, and other specialty techniques, you can shift your own gears. With a more positive focus on finding solutions, you will stay healthy, no longer burdened by the stress of negativity.

If you want freedom from your negative thinking patterns and worry, and access to options that will improve your life and health in every way, consider that mind-body medicine can create a bridge for you.

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Charles LightwalkerCharles Lightwalker is a healer, father, husband, minister and medical intuitive. Click here to learn more about Charles.



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