You have probably heard that selfcare is important. You may even tell your family and friends or clients/customers/patients how important it is. The question is, how often do you choose to take care of yourself?
Why is selfcare such a big deal? First and foremost, because it provides the energy to do what you do! Whether it is caring for family or clients, you are at the core of your relationships and taking care of yourself allows you to help those that you care about. When you are sick or “less than,” how can you help others? 
In addition, stress is widely documented as a major contributor to chronic pain and diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Likewise, selfcare techniques have been shown to reduce stress and protect you for a long and healthy life.
Practice what you preach > If you are telling others (family, friends, clients/patients) to prioritize selfcare, you’ll want to “walk your talk” and show them it can be done.
It’s possible that your “stuck” point on selfcare is due to a sense that you don’t have enough time or money to do anything for yourself. Perhaps you are too busy making money to pay the bills or can’t afford your favorite treat (whether it’s a massage, reiki, essential oils or other therapy). Start with what you do have and step-by-step, you can expand the time and money you have available for more!
Food for Thought:
  1. Take a walk! It’s free and is good for your brain and body. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing.
  2. Try stretching or yoga at home. Videos on YouTube can help get you started. When you’re ready, you may even find an instructor that teaches via an online format.
  3. Little luxuries count! Selfcare can be anything that makes you happy. Is it a fancy coffee? A delicious meal? Grabbing a few minutes with a good book or just sitting still?
  4. When ready, find your favorite therapy and add in special treats for yourself. From massage to acupuncture to energy techniques, there are many options available.
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