The Holistic Chamber of Commerce offers a members-only virtual networking event once a month. Members will have the opportunity to network with each other in small group Zoom breakout rooms for a more personalized experience.

What this event IS…

A pure networking experience. No “guest speaker” or panel discussion. Just networking.
We designed this event to give you an opportunity to authentically meet and interact with all HCC members, not just those in your local chapter. It’s a great way to expand your reach, create new relationships, and gather resources for your own business support.
For the best outcome, we recommend you secure a place without distractions so you can be present with video ON.

What this event IS NOT…

  • A passive experience where you can get away with turning off your video and audio, but then multitasking such as running errands, taking calls, or doing computer work. Because we break up into small groups, it is very apparent when you are not present and attentive. And it is not respectful to those who want to make the most out of this networking event.
  • A place to just gather as many names and email addresses as you can so you can bulk-add people to your mailing list or make sales calls. Please follow ethical guidelines for mailing lists and sales conversations. This event is to build relationships, not to make cold calls. 
  • A micro-managed conversation. We don’t want to provide a list of questions for you all to ask each other / talk about, as we want the conversation to be as natural and authentic as it would at an in-person networking event. If you need some support just in case, draft a list of questions you genuinely would like to know about someone else and their business.
Some examples…
  • What social media outlets have worked best for your business marketing?
  • Who is an ideal client for you?
  • How does your service/product work?
  • What kind of results do your clients/customers get?
  • What problem(s) do you solve for people?


How this networking event works…

We will take just a couple minutes at the beginning of the meeting to ground ourselves, get centered and present, while giving everyone a few minutes to get connected.
We will then jump right into breakout rooms with the goal of only 3 members per room. If we have an odd number one room might have a 4th participant.
Each breakout room session will be 15 minutes in length, and our hour time frame will allow for 3 breakout room sessions.

Getting contact information from participants…

We suggest everyone add their contact information into the chat box, and then we will give you time at the end to download the chat file. This way you can gather accurate contact information from those in attendance and who want their information shared.
You can also get the name and/or business name of those you talk to and search for them on the HCC Member Directory.

Who to contact for the Zoom link or for connection issues…

The Zoom meeting will be emailed to all active members an 1 hour before the event. If you did not get the email with the connection details, please check your spam or junk folder. This is the #1 spot where they sometimes end up depending on your email service.
If you still don’t see the email, then reach out to us at

Seeing this but you need to join or re-activate…

To choose your membership level and start today, click here.
To re-activate an expired or closed membership, call 310-490-6862 or email